About Me

Rekha Murthy is a podcast strategist with more than 20 years of experience in podcasting, public radio, and other digital media. She offers content strategy, editorial, distribution, and audience development services to clients of all sizes – from big companies, nonprofits, and public radio stations to independent creators, influencers, and journalists. Rekha loves helping all sorts of projects get off the ground, and providing inspiration and energy to those already in motion.

Rekha is a founding team member and lead curriculum designer of Spotify’s Sound Up program, which brings skills and industry connections to brand-new makers around the world. She is a Peer Group Co-Chair for The Impact Guild. Rekha recently served as a Founding Governor of The Podcast Academy, which holds The Ambies awards for podcasting excellence. She spent years at PRX + Radiotopia, NPR’s All Things Considered + NPR Online, and web and mobile startups. Rekha lives with her family in Arlington, MA.

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